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Governing Board | Our Amazing PVSchools Staff

Governing Board | Our Amazing PVSchools Staff

70,200 – that is the approximate number of minutes that a PVSchools student spends at school each year (and that covers just the school day). Now imagine the minutes spent on bus rides, at before and after-school clubs, extracurriculars, and sports. Who is with these students on the school campuses before, during, and after the students come and go? 

Our amazing group of 3,634 Paradise Valley Unified School District Staff!

PVSchools staff members put students first each and every day. We hear from principals about the dedication of staff at their building – people going above and beyond each day. Staff members across the District choose to spend time with students during their duty-free lunch break, come in on holidays or weekends to get something special ready for students, and spend time with community partners on projects around the school. We hear stories about how smiles from a bus driver can make a student feel ready for the school day.

Staff members at Paradise Valley Unified School District care about every student and want to make sure that the students feel important and seen.

Part of our PVSchools Strategic Plan is STAFF EXPERIENCE. The goal is to “Foster a supportive and collaborative work environment that makes PVSchools an exemplary place to thrive.” Just as our staff is deliberate in making the students feel welcomed, the District has a plan to make every staff member understand that they are an integral part of the PV Family. 

We want our staff to feel that they are supported in their personal and professional growth, and we want to encourage collaboration and teamwork as a way for staff to support one another as we all move forward in our ultimate mission to “engage, inspire, and nurture students through high-quality instruction, meaningful opportunities, and dynamic learning experiences.”

The journey of excellence is for students and staff alike, and we are proud that the entire Paradise Valley Unified School District community continues to support the mission, the students, and the staff of PVSchools. 

Public schools are at the heart of the community, and we are grateful that you are a part of our community and we are a part of yours.

​​On behalf of the Governing Board,

Susan Matura

Image of staff member. Join our team! Now hiring Nutrition and Wellness workers. Apply at
Bus driver standing in front of bus. Join our team! Bus drivers, aides, and transportation staff. Apply at