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Sandpiper offers an engaging curriculum rooted in the Arizona Career and College Readiness Standards and delivered through research-supported instruction. Our teachers continue to explore new avenues to help students achieve their potential in all academic areas:

  • Our literacy instruction utilizes a phonics-based program and a workshop approach from the Columbia Reading and Writing Project to help our students become excelling readers. 

  • Our balanced math instruction helps engage all students and offers the opportunity to accelerate when appropriate. 

  • FOSS science kits create a hands-on approach to the world of science, and our dedicated science lab gives students and teachers the necessary space to explore the world.

  • In addition to having regular access to a complete computer lab, our students use iPads and a laptop cart to enhance their academic experiences.

In addition to our commitment to what students know and can do, we are also invested in the type of people they will become. Our citizenship and character program helps promote values and pro-social behavior. Make Your Day is our management system that reinforces expectations in a consistent manner, and our Character Education program supports student growth through direct instruction and enrichment on specific values.

Third grade parents, please be aware of Arizona's Move on When Reading legislation.


A critical component in the success of Sandpiper is in the community. Nestled in the neighborhood next to Kierland golf course, the Sandpiper community is an active group that works together to create a supportive environment that fosters family and friendship. The generosity and support of our community speaks volumes about how much they value our students. We have a network of businesses and parents who offer financial support and physical resources to help support various programs around campus, and Sandpiper parents work closely with teachers to create an environment that supports excellence for our students.

Online Math Help

Visit ConnectED and log in.

Note: You will be directed to PVOnline, where you are required to log in. Enter your username and "other" password. When logged in, click the ConnectED link at the top of the page.

Physical Education

Students in all grade levels participate in physical education activities as part of the special areas rotation. All activities are engaging, exciting and teach healthy attitudes about exercise and health. Students learn to compete with each other but also strive for personal growth in sports, strength and technical skills. For a more detailed list of activities, see Mr. Rosenberg's website.

Visit Mr. Rosenberg's website. (Please be aware that this link will only open for those within the PVLearners network.)


We have many enrichment opportunities for students to participate in. From working in our community garden to running for student council to making marble runs in STEM class, students are engaged and learning is stretched beyond the walls of the classroom.  We work with our teachers, students, parents, and community education department to create an exciting offering of enrichment activities.

Learn More About Enrichment Classes